Hartge is a well known German BMW Tuner and also an official car manufacturer. http://www.hartge.de 

Hartge has some done various V8 engined BMW cars based on the E36 / E46 3-series and also Z3/Z4.


Hartge Z3 Roadster 4.7


year: 1997 (only 1 built)

Engine: 4.7l V8, 350 hp, 500 Nm

6-gear Getrag transmission, 3:15 rear differential ratio, M-Roadster brakes, Hartge coil-over suspension, Hartge Classic 19" wheels, fiber-glass hood with air vents.


4.7 liter V8 engine


Hartge Z3 Roadster 4.7 and Z4 Roadster 5.0 at Hockenheim race track 02/20/2004


Hartge Z3 Coupe 4.7

Hartge Z3 Coupe 5.0

Hartge E36 Compact V8

Hartge Z4 Roadster 5.0

Hartge H50 E46

Hartge H50 Kompressor

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